Vol 6, No 1 (2015)

Business groups in Emerging Economies

Table of Contents


Business groups in Emerging Economies: Introduction to the Special Issue PDF
Fulvio Castellacci, Ishtiaq Pasha Mahmood 5
Business Groups in Emerging Markets: Paragons or Parasites? PDF
Tarun Khanna, Yishay Yafeh 60
What Explains Small and Medium-Sized Business Groups? Comparing the Financial and the Entrepreneurial Perspective PDF
Donato Iacobucci, Enrico Guzzini, Peter Rosa 26
Whether and How Network Structure Shapes the Value of Firm Capabilities? PDF
Ishtiaq Pasha Mahmood, Hongjin Zhu 30
Group Affiliation and Firms Export Intensity: A Cross-Country Study PDF
Fulvio Castellacci 22
Economic Institutions and the Outward FDI Location Strategies of Emerging Market Multinational Business Groups: Evidence from Central and Eastern European Countries PDF
Sohaib Shahzad Hassan 41

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